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Tacoma Pressure Washing

There is a big difference between hiring an environmentally responsible pressure washer versus one that is not to pressure wash your properties in Tacoma. What most people are unaware of is that millions of pounds of toxic pollutants enter the Tacoma waterways every year when rain carries pet waste, soaps, oil, yard chemicals, and other toxins into Tacoma’s streams and storm drains, which feed into Puget Sound, harming human health and wildlife alike.

To protect our environment, the City of Tacoma maintains a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP), regulating the stormwater discharge from Tacoma’s storm system. To comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit, the City of Tacoma’s SWMP was updated in March 2019 to further manage surface water and improve water quality. The City of Tacoma also passed an ordinance in Chapter 12.08 of the Tacoma Municipal Code that prohibits the introduction of any matter except clean storm and surface water into the stormwater system.

As an industry leader in green pressure washing practices, Mr. PressureWash has received written approval from the City of Tacoma for our environmentally friendly pressure washing techniques.

Here are the top reasons Tacoma clients choose Mr. PressureWash:

  1. Eco-friendly. Without using harsh chemical degreasers, our enzyme technology removes tough oil stains using microbes in an eco-friendly way. We have the ability to vacuum up and reuse 98% of the water during the pressure washing process.  We also work closely with the Department of Ecology.  We guarantee that no grease, oil, or heavy metals removed from the ground enters the storm drain system.
  2. No water access required. We can pressure wash anywhere – even areas without access to water. In some situations, we bring and reuse our own water, decreasing the client’s water bill.
  3. No splash or spray. When cleaning garages or highly sensitive areas, our pressure washer looks more like a vacuum cleaner than it does a spray gun. With minimum water used, the ground is dried quickly, minimizing slippage. Without using a traditional spray gun, the surroundings will not get as wet, minimizing liability for the client.  We minimize potential damages to the ground surface caused by over-spraying when using traditional spray guns.  No zebra stripes are left after the pressure washing process, and the job is done 60-80% faster than companies using traditional spray guns.
  4. Safety and quality control. Mr. PressureWash has an extensive Workplace Safety Program. We offer extensive training to our employees to ensure that all safety procedures and client site regulations are followed.  Multiple quality control checkpoints are built into our job process to ensure high-quality work is performed every time.
  5. Performance guarantee. To ensure quality service, one of our field supervisors or technician managers will be onsite to maintain our high quality standards. If the client is not totally satisfied for any reason, we will arrange a prompt return visit at no extra cost to make things right.

Our eco-friendly enzyme technology, specialized pressure washing equipment, well trained staff, excellent customer service, and a long list of satisfied clients allow us to maintain our competitive advantage and win bids over national companies.

Some of our Tacoma clients include:

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