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Seattle Pressure Washing

Why choose Mr. PressureWash for your Seattle pressure washing needs? Ranked as one of the most environmentally progressive cities in the U.S., Seattle has strict environmental laws on wastewater disposal. The City of Seattle has a Stormwater Management Plan designed to comply with the 2013 NPDES Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit and the Clean Water Act.

When you hire less experienced companies to pressure wash your commercial properties, sidewalks, or parking garages, they may inadvertently let wastewater run down the drains. The storm drain system in Seattle feeds into Puget Sound, which means wash water mixed with oil, grease, heavy metals, or mildew removed from the ground end up in Seattle’s streams and lakes, polluting our environment, causing harm to human health, and even killing keystone species such as salmon.

Mr. PressureWash is known in the pressure washing industry as the leading eco-friendly pressure washing company.  We take the following steps to limit the environmental impact of our work:

  1. We do not use harsh chemical degreasers. We use our proprietary biodegradable enzyme technology to remove tough oil stains using microbes in an eco-friendly way.
  2. In certain situations, we can bring our own water for pressure washing, and use our proprietary equipment to vacuum up the water from the ground. The water is then filtered, cleaned, and reused for pressure washing.  This process reduces water usage by up to 98%.
  3. In compliance with local and federal storm water BMPs, we use specialized mats or storm drain filter guards to cover all the storm drains to ensure that no grease, oil, heavy metals, or mildew removed from the ground enter or at least get filtered before going into the storm drain system, which feeds into our streams and lakes.
  4. We continue to educate the community on eco-friendly pressure washing practices by working closely with the Department of Ecology. Our green pressure washing practices have received written environmental approval from the City of Seattle, City of Redmond, City of Tacoma, City of Fife, and the King County Waste Water Division.  In addition, Mr. PressureWash has verbal environmental approval from the City of Bellevue and the City of Olympia.  PressureWash also participates in the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC) Conference every year.
  5. We continue to reduce waste at our corporate office. Our company has received numerous awards including King County’s Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling, Certified Green Business by the Green Business Bureau, and Eastside Small Business of the Year.

Some of Mr. Pressure Wash’s clients in Seattle include:

The lowest bid is not always the best. Mr. Pressure Wash offers industry-leading, environmentally friendly pressure washing practices as well as competitive pricing. Get your free estimate for your Seattle properties today!


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